Yannakopoulos Olive Grove - Profile

The Yannakopoulos family has been producing olive products, virtually, since the beginning of recorded history. A tradition that passes from one generation to the next, the Giannakopoulos Olive Grove produces extra virgin oil and green olive oil, made exclusively by Koronian olives, as well as the Kalamata’s table olives.

The deep knowledge, the care and the location’s perfect conditions (ideal altitude of 400 – 600m, rocky ground), offers us the possibility to produce extra virgin oil, green olive oil and the Kalamata’s table olives, in a quality that these products, the foundation’s of world’s best diet, the Mediterranean, truly deserve.

Our production process is acknowledged, having acquired the HAACP and ISO2001 certifications, since its quality is exceptional and the care throughout all of the stages of our production is guaranteed.Today, 3 generations of the family look cialis achat after the cultivation of the 150 acres of the olive grove, which is located on the Platanovrissi Messinis, Messinia, and it is comprised of some 3.500 olive trees. The Yannakopoulos Olive Grove has been expanding, by acquiring 2 new olive groves with 800 new olive trees.





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